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Swift Creatives is an international design studio hell-bent on connecting consumers and brands in the sweet spot of innovative design and meaningful experiences.


What can we do for you?

Think. Shape. Make. Repeat.

Good design is easy on the eyes. Great design breathes life into dead objects, turning commodities into cultural icons. But it takes a serious case of brass balls to tap into that potential. Why? Because it means taking the road less travelled.


We think, shape and make products that move brands forward. We help our clients create 360° product experiences that engage and excite audience globally. And we see our projects through to the very end, offering the full monty of product design - from insights, ideation and strategy to UX, interaction design and packaging.

All hail the courageous few

Our clients are about as gutsy as they come. They'd rather step into unchartered territory than suffer the slow death of irrelevance. We repay their courage by dedicating our blood, sweat and skills to solving their business challenge.


Working with us means committing whole-heartedly to a process of collaboration. Our team of will be closely intertwined with yours until the product hits the shelves. This will give us the insights we need to move your brand forward. And it will give you the chance to experience the morning routine of a Columbian product designer first-hand. Win-win.


Drawing from the toolbox of design thinking, our process is iterative in nature. So prepare for a barrage of quick-fire ideas, rapid prototypes, feedback loops and good-natured, but loud exchanges of arguments. Innovation is neither linear, nor simple, but it gets your juices flowing. And it's good for business.

Oh, what have we done?

Quite a bit actually. Our small but select group of designers are responsible for award-winning wireless speakers, game-changing gaming headsets, iconic in-ear headphones, famous coffee brewers to name a few.


The lion's share of our clients are international players in the fields of audio, VR and wearables. But our services transcend product categories. If you have a design challenge, we have time, coffee and comfortable sofas.

A bit about us

We're an odd bunch of design enthusiasts, brand strategists, digital explorers and self-proclaimed bonvivants. Hailing from the cold north, our mission is to spread the gospel of minimalist and functional Scandinavian design with a pinch of I-did-not-see-that-coming to the world.


Between the 12 of us, we have +75 years of experience within lifestyle products, consumer electronics and medical products.


Life is short and time is swift. Let's talk business.

You shouldn't trust your brand with a group of strangers, so lets' get to know each other. Give us a ring if you have a well-defined challenge with KPI's coming out the wazoo or a half-baked idea scribbled on the back of a hotel napkin.