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Swift unlocks new possibilities

Drawing from the toolbox of design thinking, we speed up your innovation process and map out the profitable paths less travelled.

Mindfull VR
AR Telemedicine

Everyone talks about innovation, few innovate. The day to day of running a business doesn’t leave much room for new ideas. But in fast-moving markets where relevance is king, business as usual is a risky strategy.

HTC AR Mirror

We make innovation tangible, delivering opportunities in weeks, not months. Based on your business challenge and consumer insights, we jump straight into prototyping, fleshing out concepts to speed up decision making and light a creative fire under your team.

Our three stage innovation sprints efficiently speed up your innovation process and make sure you’re solving the right problems for your customers. Working closely with your team, we deliver insights, rapid product concepting and C-suit decision deck that give you the confidence to move forward, refine your thinking or pivot.