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    Balticagade 10B, DK-8000, Aarhus C, 

  • Beijing

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All hail the courageous few

Big enough to make waves, but small enough to give a damn. Who said size doesn’t matter?

Swift Creatives
Swift Creatives

Hailing from the cold north, our mission is to spread the gospel of minimalist & functional Scandinavian design with a pinch of I-did-not-see-that-coming to the world.

We adapt swiftly to the needs of our clients, without the inertia that can plague large-scale operations. So what can we do for you?

Think. Shape. Make. Repeat.

Experience isn’t everything, but it sure is helpful when leading complex innovation processes.

Our two head honchos alone have more than 30 years of design and innovation experience between them, heading design units in disruptive start-ups as well as global design consultancy branches.

Our small, but select group of designers are responsible for award-winning audio, VR and AR products and premium brand experiences. Just to name a few.